Become Your Dreams. Week 1

We are a designed for accomplishment, we were engineered for success, we were born to become our dreams. “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and bring itself to believe it can achieve” Napoleon Hill.  In particular I want to give a special thanks to Mark  J (MKMMA) for contributing to the expansion part of my expertise, thanks to him  and other  greats magnificent sources and menthors I’ve been able to expand the life of my apprentices and clients. It’s with great enthusiasm that I can express the gratitude I feel as I see their successes. From my perception, the grow is unavoidable because every time you become your dreams we are fulfilling our purpose.

Every time-space manifestation starts in thought, and every thought start with your choice to think it, sometimes more consciously than others, yes we are unquestionably their source. And as we come to learn of the phenomenon power, so, too, do we come to learn of our enormous responsibility— a responsibility  that is not nearly as daunting as it first seems, giving our natural-born optimism and our inclination to succeed, yet a responsibility nonetheless.

It’s true that if we are living in a physical universe in a physical body, we can’t enjoy of the benefits of mental money or the thoughts that comes to our mind which are not motivating us to take the inspirational action to create in our life. So, it’s important that we can grasp and live what trainings like MKMMA teach because we have to get the balance to be happy and motivating creating our truth-self and this I why I feel we should always do our best to become our dreams.

“There are no truths; there are only perceptions of truth.

” Whether or not you accept this statement, whatever you believe to be true will become your reality.

Our subconscious mind will believe anything you tell it — if we repeat the words often and with conviction.

When we are faced with a daunting task that we’ve never attempted before, focus on the potential for success, not on the possibilities for failure. Break the job down into smaller elements and tackle each one separately.

The only difference between success and failure in any job is your attitude toward it.

Become your dreams.

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Become your dreams