Master Key Suly Wk 8

Let’s take time to evaluate ourselves!

The ability to evaluate ourself and our performance objectively is critical to our relationships with others and will have an enormous impact upon the level of success we achieve during our lifetime.

Unless we can honestly evaluate our strengths and weaknesses, how can we ever expect to improve your performance?

We must determine where we
are before we can develop a plan to get us where we would like to be. If we were an independent, dispassionate observer, what advice would we give to ourself to improve our skills, our work habits, our interaction with others, and our contribution to the organization?

I must say one of the best courses I have taken that are still help me evaluate myself, is the MKMMA it has definitely helped me become so much better at evaluating myself and cultivating my perfection in expansion.20140522_084422-kdcollage

Honesty about ourself is the first step toward self-improvement.

Become Your Dreams💛


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